Be the healthy change we want for our children

How can we expect change if we don’t change ourselves?

If we as parents aim to lead our children to a healthy future then we need to make sure that we are leading our lives in a healthy way. I have many parents come to me asking how to get their children to eat healthier, namely fruits and vegetables.
There is a secret to the success of getting picky eaters to try new and healthy foods, but I will save that a bit. There is no secret to where this leadership should start though, and that is with YOU.
You as the parent is the largest influence in your child’s life. If you are eating nothing but hamburgers, burritos, ice cream, and drinking more soda than water, how can you actually expect your kids to eat anything different?
The first point in this video is the most important. Getting your children to make healthy food choices starts with you making healthy food choices.
Now, I understand that kids will deny vegetables while kicking and screaming, even for the healthiest of parents on the planet.
You know why?
Children don’t have control over anything other that what they put in their mouth and what they let come out of it. So, in this case the parent needs to be creative to level the playing field.
My wife and I developed a program that is very effective by utilizing a story that corresponds with a placemat where you put the fruits and veggies on specific spots. The characters in the stories engage the children to help along in the adventure. It is a fun adventure for the kids and the parents. For more information on this program, visit
The next point is to choose healthy snacks for your children. Most healthy snacks are not found in wrappers. If the snacks you are feeding your children are wrapped in packaging then we are not doing them any favors for their health.
My 12 year old daughter enjoys snacks in wrappers and I do allow her to have them from time to time. But we work hard to provide her with more natural foods, like fruits and vegetables, and now she actually prefers fruits and veggies over anything else. If you take the “everything in moderation” approach then try to provide more of the natural than the wrapped snacks.
Another great thing to start paying attention to while leading your children to better health is the packaging of the foods that you are buying. It is important to understand how to read a nutrition label, but the most important part of the packaging is the ingredients list. In my opinion, the more ingredients on the list,  the worse off the food is for our bodies.
It is also important to understand that the list of ingredients in order of the prominent ingredients first. Pay attention to what is actually inside that pretty wrapper by understanding how to read the label.
One area of this video that I am exploring in my own world is consuming the “4 food groups” on a daily basis. I have learned a lot about these food groups and how each of them fuel our bodies while I have been fighting cancer.
I have found that the more plant based foods, and actual fruits and vegetables we consume, and the more dairy and animal products we can eliminate from our diets, the better results we will get in our health. Our bodies have a very difficult time breaking down dairy products and meats to the point that most of it sits in our system creating toxins and illness, bogging us down yet craving more.
Find that balance that works for you, but please understand the effects that certain foods have on your body. If you don’t know where to begin there is plenty of research already done out there about this topic and I suggest you do your own research before making any drastic changes.
Another great way to lead your children to better health through nutrition is to get them involved with the shopping process. I always advise parents to allow their children to pick out a special fruit or vegetable for them to try. I even go as far as telling them to have their children help them prepare it. If you get them involved they feel empowered, and an empowered child is a child ready to thrive.
The last point touched on in this video is making the eating process fun. I think this amazing and so true. This is the very reason why my wife and I created the program Make Eating Fun.
Let’s face it, our children are very creative. Just watch them play. The quickest way to drive results is to drive their creativity. Have some fun with your children and take the stress away from the dinner table. And if you are having trouble with the creative process, you are in luck because Make Eating Fun created one for you.
I hope this article helps you in your quest to creating a healthy future for your children. Please remember the very first point in this article and realize that your child’s healthier future begins with you.
Now go act like their lives depend on it!

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