I started this podcast to be a platform to Help People ThriVe no matter what life throws our way.

2 years ago, my life got flipped upside down with the diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer. Since then, I have been able to shed so much physical, mental and emotional weight, because through the dark and treacherous valleys that the diagnosis took me I was able to get very real with myself and found the me that I now know and believe God intended for me to be.

I want to share my second and now third chances on life with you. I want to help you know that no matter what life throws your way, you can not only overcome it, but you can become healthier, stronger and better in the face of it all.

But I do not want to just give you my life experiences to draw from.

I am going to bring you quality guests that can share their life experiences with you in hopes to give you even more tools and inspiration to take with you into your life.

I have already had the honor of having some amazing guest on my show to share their stories in hopes of doing the same thing. I hope you enjoy the content that is created out of all of this. More so than that, I hope that you take some inspiration from something shared in any or all of the HPTV episodes and put it to work in your life.

Inspiration without action is nothing but a warm, temporary feeling. But if you put it to work, you can get results that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy the show and come back every Friday for more. And while you are on YouTube, please subscribe to my channel and let me know what you think of the show.