HPTV Podcast – S2 EP3 – Finding The Warriors Way with Nick Long

Welcome back to another episode of the HPTV Podcast. Today, I sit down with a very good friend of mine, Nick Long.

Nick and I go way back, but especially over the last few years. Nick and his wife Nicole became partners in our business, Make Eating Fun just one month before I got diagnosed with cancer. Nick never wavered on his commitment to me, my family or our business.

Before I got diagnosed, Nick introduced me to the Warriors Way, a way of living life to getting the most out of it, to say the least. I believe that if it weren’t for this program and my relationship with Nick, that I wouldn’t have had the foundation I needed to take on fighting stage 4 cancer while still building my business and thriving while doing it all.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with a man that has played a huge part in the man that I am today. If you would like more of Nick or inquire about his coaching and mentorship, please visit him at www.nxt90.com.

If you have any questions for me or if you would like to be a guest on my show, please reach out to me at gary@heyerpower.net.

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