HPTV Episode 4 -The TRUTH about CBD with Scorpion Geneticist, Michael Teague

Welcome back to another episode of HPTV where my main mission is to help people thrive.

This week, I sit down with the man that has taught me how to treat my body with cannabis, CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, THC-A, CBD-A… These are just a few of 100 different cannabinoids that cannabis has to offer our bodies.

So whether you are an expert in the cannabis world or if you have one tippy toe in the water trying to figure out if “CBD” is the solution for you…. You must watch this podcast in its entirety.

I am very proud of my affiliation with, Michael Teague and Scorpion CBD. I use Scorpion products in my own life over the last two years while fighting cancer! I will make no medical claims that CBD is curing or healing anything… BUT I am having amazing results in my life, even while on chemo, radiation, etc…. These products help me feel better, and it allows to have energy, and a great mindset throughout every day to give life my best!

Please subscribe to my channel. I will be bringing you new content weekly that may not only inspire your life… it may change your life. If you have any question about any of the content shared in this video, please hit up out team directly at hptv@heyerpower.net

We are not making any medical claims as results for every individual may vary. Before using any products discussed in this video, please consult your doctor.

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