HPTV Podcast – S2 EP1- Mentorship with Stephen Christie

Welcome back to the HPTV Podcast where my main mission is to Help People ThriVe no matter what life brings your way. I am your host, Gary Heyer and I am looking forward to all the great content we have coming your way.

I wanted to kick off season 2 with an inside look at a secret weapon that I have used in my life. This secret weapon has helped me stretch my goals, conquer many fears, overcome many downfalls and obstacles, and has opened more opportunities for me than any other single tool I have ever employed in my life.

This secret weapon is MENTORSHIP and in this episode I sit down with real estate investor, keynote speaker, business coach and a very good personal friend of mine, Stephen Christie.

Stephen has been a friend of mine for about 8 years now and he has witnessed and coached me through my beginning phases of building my business and fighting through cancer while continuing to fight for my dreams to become a reality.

Stephen Christie has been at the top of the Real Estate Industry for 30 years. Coming to the industry in 1990, he soon discovered that the practice of Real Estate by most was not at the level of professionalism that he had envisioned. After completing several real estate transactions, Stephen discovered that the agents’ work ethics and professionalism left much to be desired in our industry, and so he decided to create an experience for customers that surpasses all expectations. Since that day Stephen has assisted over 3,600 families to fulfill their dreams of owning, investing and creating wealth through Real Estate. You see, Stephen Christie takes Real Estate to the next level. He shows you the road to wealth through Real Estate.

To find Stephen and his team, please go visit his website at: www.christierealty.com

This time we flip the script and Stephen walks me through a process of creating awareness around the who I am and the value that I bring to my target audience.

Have a great weekend and join us again every Friday with a a new episode of the HPTV Podcast.

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