HPTV Podcast – S2 EP4 – Your pet’s health and CBD with Jay Okeefe from Baileys CBD

On this week’s podcast I sit down with Pet CBD pioneer, Jay Okeefe with Baileys CBD to discuss the world of pet wellness.

Jay had spent years battling his own health conditions with prescriptions that were meant to help him but were actually harming him. Fortunately for Jay, he had a friend point him in the direction of CBD as an alternative solution to his medications.

In his quest of finding good CBD products for his own benefit, he also began to work with the plant to provide solutions for people that were terminally ill. This career of working with human patients for many years led Jay to start Bailey’s Pet CBD in southern California when he saw a need to provide our fur-family with the same health benefits we get as humans from CBD. Jay explains why it is very important to provide our pets with products that are made for them and not just any CBD.

Our pets do have an endocannabinoid system just like us, but theirs is much more sensitive therefore we must consider the proper way way to dose our pets when giving them these types of products.

We hope that you find value in this conversation as we dive into the topic of CBD even further.

For more information about Baileys CBD, please visit their website at https://baileyscbd.com/ or you can also find the Baileys CBD line in our shop at www.heyerpower.net.

If you have any questions about anything discussed in this show, please feel free to contact me at gary@heyerpower.net.

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