Kangen Water Demonstration 2 – PH Test by HeyerPower Enterprises

For our second demonstration, we will take a look at the PH levels in Kangen Water versus these other waters, soft drinks and tap water.

We have found again that Kangen is far superior because we know that not all water is created equal. Even though there are a couple other waters that show to have a pretty good PH levels, we need to remember the results from our ORP test in our first demonstration.

We even have a little fun to show you how Kangen Water can reverse the acidic liquids and get them to an alkaline state.

Adversely, we also show you how negatively acidic liquids such as soda can affect a nice alkalized water or body for that matter.

Come back for our 3rd demonstration where we show you how Kangen Water can hydrate your body better than anything else on the market.

If you are ready to get Kangen Water for your home, please contact me directly at gary@heyerpower.net at your earliest convenience.

We are not making any medical claims as results for every individual may vary. Before using any products discussed in this video, please consult your doctor.

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