Kangen Water Demonstration #3 – Hydration by HeyerPower Enterprises

In our third demonstration, we attempt to make green tea from cold Tap Water and cold Kangen Water. We know that we always need to heat up water in order to make tea.

Well, until now anyway. With Kangen Water, the H2O molecules are 7 times smaller than that of any other water, therefore having the ability to penetrate the cells of your body faster and more efficiently.

This will allow your body to hydrate quicker and for a longer period of time. Better yet, with Kangen Water having all the antioxidants it does, when this water penetrates our cells, it reverses damage and heals our body.

Imagine, all the good you can do for your body if you had your own Kangen machine in your home.

If you are ready to put a Kangen machine in your home to optimize your health, please contact me at gary@heyerpower.net right away and lets get you started.

We are not making any medical claims as results for every individual may vary. Before using any products discussed in this video, please consult your doctor.

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