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Without A Single Complaint From Your Kid?

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“Make Eating Fun develops healthy food choices which become healthy eating habits for a Lifetime!”

Helene Fasnacht – Nutritionist, Dietitian & Nutrition Specialist

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    Make Eating Fun Will Help You To…

    • Create Eating Habits That Will Keep Your Children Healthy For A Lifetime
    • Have So Much Fun With Your Kid(s) That They Can’t Wait For Your Healthy Meals Together
    • Make Your Child A Role Model For Other Children While Other Parents Ask You “How Do You Do It?!”

    Super Moms: Let Me Tell You Why The Make Eating Fun Interactive Nutritional Game System Is Working For So Many Families Across America!

    Amy, Aubrie and Gary Heyer

    Creators of Make Eating Fun!

    From: Amy Heyer

    Co-Founder Make Eating Fun
    Do you sometimes struggle to get your kid(s) to eat the nutritious foods that ensure they will enjoy a long & healthy life?
    Do you want to make sure they avoid getting left out or made fun of by the other kids for being overweight?
    Do you want to make dinnertime with your family FUN!?
    Hi, my name is Amy Heyer, and if you give me just a couple minutes, I’ll tell you why I’m giving you one of our proprietary Make Eating Fun Game Kits for FREE…
    And how it’s the #1 Mom Hack for raising a happy, healthy family without a single complaint from your kid(s).
    Listen, I understand the struggle of getting children to eat healthy foods that help them avoid the growing crisis of increasing childhood obesity, diabetes, heart problems, hypertension, and more…

    Before my daughter Aubrie became the healthy girl who was the first person to do the monologue for Ellen Degeneres live on her show… She was more than a bit stubborn when it came to eating the foods that helped her be the best she can be.

    My husband Gary and I tried EVERYTHING to get our daughter Aubrie to eat her fruits and vegetables…
    From blending them into smoothies, to hiding them inside grilled cheese, to telling her how she wouldn’t grow big and strong without them.
    NOTHING was working!
    You ever been there?
    And the sad part was it felt like we were deceiving her to eat her super foods. She would never eat those foods on her own to have a long & healthy life if we kept that up.
    Then one day after I’d thrown up my hands in frustration, I was struck by a moment of inspiration!

    We all know that kids LOVE stories!

    Kids LOVE Stories… Because They LOVE To Use Their Imaginations & Dream Big! I feel blessed that GAP used Aubrie’s healthy smile to represent dreaming big 🙂

    And as mothers, we have to get creative…
    So as silly as it sounds, I grabbed a sharpie and drew a Mean Fox on my finger, and a sweet little bunny face with bunny ears on her finger.
    Then I made up this story about how the Mean Fox was going to come to the Bunny Farm that held all the fruits and vegetables…
    The trees were broccoli, the carrot coins were the wheels of the wagon, and it became this silly little story…
    As kids do with good stories, my daughter Aubrie’s eyes lit up and she was completely engaged with what I was saying!
    She didn’t want to let the Fox come to the farm and steal all the Bunny’s fruits and vegetables…
    And the only way to hide them from the fox was to grab them first and hide them inside her belly (aka eat them).
    What happened next SHOCKED Gary and I.
    We stared at each other in amazement as Aubrie started gobbling up broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts like it was Halloween candy!
    Almost to the point where I had to tell her to slow down from inhaling vegetables so she wouldn’t choke on them.
    And in that moment, Make Eating Fun was born!

    “…This Thing really Works For Me!”

    “My oldest son was one of the first kids to try Make Eating Fun during their test study and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My son was one of the pickiest eaters I know, but when he got engaged into the story it was like he was actually in it with the characters and he ate raw broccoli, carrots and some fruits. He never ate those vegetables before, but through the creative process he did and he was proud. This program really works!!”

    Dayna – Mom of 2

    The Breakthrough SHORTCUT To Make Your Kid(s) The Healthiest In Their School

    Make Eating Fun helped Aubrie go from “selective eater” who was going to the doctor regularly, to having her pediatrician forget she was even a patient because she’s so healthy she hasn’t had to go in for YEARS.

    Now her Pediatrician recommends our fun, interactive game kits to all his patients!
    I’ve even seen a lot of moms cry when they’re witnessing their kids try the system for the first time…
    Kids that wouldn’t eat anything other than cheese pizza and chicken nuggets are literally gobbling up these tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers off of the place mat.
    And the parents can hardly believe their eyes!

    “… develops healthy food choices which become healthy eating habits for a Lifetime”

    “As a Dietitian, nutrition educator and mom of 3 adult children, I fully endorse Make Eating Fun, Inc. As a resource & tool. It encourages, in a fun-story book fashion, children to taste & eat healthy fruit & vegetable choices. It stimulates a child’s creativity & empowers individual choice and consequence skills. Make Eating Fun develops healthy food choices early in life which develop healthy eating habits for a Lifetime!”

    Helene – Nutritionist, Dietitian & Mom of 3

    Here’s What You Get…

    By now you may be wondering what Make Eating Fun actually is and how it’s helping bring together healthy families across the nation…

    After seeing Aubrie gobbling up vegetables faster than most kids can eat a cupcake, I knew I was onto something…
    Gary and I almost wanted to selfishly keep this to ourselves…

    But when Aubrie’s friends would come over and use it for themselves, it worked like magic for them too!

    And I had a moment where this feeling washed over me like, “oh my goodness, we have to share this with the world so we can change lives by helping create a nation of Healthy Kids.”
    Healthy Kids means:

     Better test scores because they’re not getting sick and missing school + they’re more attentive with improved brain function

    Higher energy levels and more activity so they avoid the rising levels of childhood obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and more

     Easier to put them to bed and improved sleep quality, so you have more energy to do your own extracurricular activities

    So after months of experimenting (as moms do), hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars invested, I came up with a series of mini books that tell exciting stories to Make Eating Fun for kids!

    And the best part is, with each book comes a themed place mat that brings the story even more to life so your child can’t wait to play along and eat up the super foods.
    When you fill out the form above to get your free Make Eating Fun kit, you’ll get the first in our series of books and place mats called Polly Parrot: Super Scavenger Hunt!

    “…I am blown away by your product!”

    “I tried it out on my 3 ‘selective’ eaters tonight and they tried everything! I never in a million years thought they would try celery and my middle son ate at least 8 small pieces. Oh, did I mention after we finished reading the first time, my 2 youngest asked to read the story again!!!! BLOWN AWAY!!!”

    Kelly – Mom of 3

    Here’s What To Do Next

    If you’re anything like me, I understand you may be a little skeptical if this can work for you and your kid(s)

    Yet as Oprah Winfrey once said:
    “Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are the ones who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it!”
    So to give this a risk-free chance to help your kids develop habits that will keep them healthy for a lifetime…
    Simply click the blue button and place your secure order to get your Make Eating Fun Interactive Nutritional Game kit TODAY.

    Don’t Just Take It From Us…

    Hear What The Experts Have To Say!

    “When faced with a picky eater, there are very few tools that parents can use to try to change these habits. Make Eating Fun is an innovative, practical method that appeals the children’s natural creativity and love for games and fantasy. It gives parents a new tool to open their children’s eyes to the benefits of eating a more balanced diet.”

    Jon Kramer, MD – Board Certified Pediatrician, Orange County, California


    Watch This Video to Learn…

    • The SHOCKING Statistics On Children’s Health Trends
    • How You Can Play The Game With Your Child To Make Eating Fun
    • The Life Lessons You’re Happy To Teach Your Kids With Make Eating Fun That Have Nothing To Do With Nutrition

    As You Can See…

    Make Eating Fun Has Already Helped Countless Parents Around The World…

    The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

    Here Is My “You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

    I 100% guarantee that you’ll love Make Eating Fun, or I’ll give you your money back and you can keep the kit!
    That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money! The only thing we ask is that you give the system a try more than just once. If you truly are not satisfied with the results, then we will put our money where our mouth is!
    Sound fair?

    Thanks for taking the time to read through this page and I hope that you enjoy Make Eating Fun!


    Amy Heyer